Wicrypt is an app that allows its users to get paid while sharing their WiFi. It leverages the blockchain and allows users to receive payments per kilobyte of their wifi data consumed by a beneficiary. Wicrypt has an inbuilt wallet that verifies the beneficiary has enough cryptocurrency to start using the service. A user has the freedom of setting his price per kilobyte of data consumed. Wicrypt automatically cuts off a beneficiary when his money is exhausted. It allows automatic connection between user and beneficiary once the beneficiary has enough funds to start using the service.

Problem Space

  • Unavailability of internet service from specific internet service providers at specific locations.
  • Low access to internet service for tourists visiting a new country.
  • Underutilization of abundant internet connection by individuals or companies that do not exhaust their excess data or have unlimited internet connection
  • High cost of internet service.

Achievement and Metrics

Product is in early development stage and has a growth potential of over 100,000 users and generating revenue of over $2 million in the next 12 months. It is the first product of its kind in the world.